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Make the Best of Your Summer Squash With These Tips for Cooking With Zucchini Learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about zucchini and marvel at all of the delicious recipes you can make with this summer squash!

How to Make Stir-Fry – No Oil Necessary! Adding oil to stir-fry does not have to be obligatory; it is possible not to use oil in food preparation.

Top Engine 2 Recipes: Chili Cheeze Fries Engine 2a€™s incredible food coach and recipe creator, Ami Mackey, shared this concoction on Instagram and in our Seven-Day Rescue Challenge Facebook group. It was an immediate, smash it, and is sure to go down in history as a fan favorite. You won

Veganism Is Considered Un-Masculine And We're Making It Worse The link between masculinity and veganism isn’t helped with food companies bullying their customers into thinking that they need meat to be a real man.

Horrified By Bali Dog Meat Scandal? Then You're A Hypocrite The Bali dog meat scandal has been making the rounds of Facebook, but can you really be outraged by it, or are you just a hypocrite?

Ginger Root for Migraines Many successful herbal treatments start like this: Some doctor learns that some plant has been used in some ancient medical tradition, like ginger for head...

EU Court BANS 'Dairy-Style' Names For Tofu + Soya Products The EU Court has decided that calling tofu and soya products names such as 'butter' and 'milk' is misleading to consumers. What do you think?

We Promise You Won’t Get Bored of Summer Salads With These 15 Recipes T’s time to enjoy all those beautiful veggies by making them the centerpiece of your lunch or dinner. Here are 15 delicious plant-based salads to try this summer!

Class #176 - PD Picnic Packing Cuisine Types: American, Asian, Caribbean, Dog Food, German, Greek, Indian, Italian, Jewish, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Peruvian, Polish, Puerto Rican, Scottish, Southwestern, Spanish, Swedish, Vietnamese...

Blog A hearty, plant-strong salad can hit the spot for lunch or dinner (or even, yes, breakfast!). This a€œbiga€ salad is Ripa€™s favorite!

Top Engine 2 Recipes: Damn-Good Cookies Raw dough, baby! Who isna€™t in the mood for it sometimes? Jane served these at a Plant-Strong Women, Power, Sex and Food presentation and everyone loved them, right down to the very last spoonful! You will, too. Like revenge, we find this is a dis

Top Engine 2 Recipes: Open-Faced Sandwich With Hummus Open-face sandwiches, or flats, are best eaten over the kitchen sink since we want you to layer on LOTS of plant-strong toppings. They are a delicious mess to eat, but so satisfying!

Top Engine 2 Recipes: Engine 2 Hummus This is the most basic - and versatile - of the spreads. You can find a variation of this recipe in almost any grocery store, but 95% of them are made with either olive oil or tahini / sesame paste, which pushes up the fat content (unless you purchas

Top Engine 2 Recipes: Rip’s Favorite Supper Bowl Sometimes you just want a hearty bowl to fill you up for supper. This easy-to-assemble bowl is truly Ripa€™s favorite: Sometimes, hea€™ll enjoy it more than once in a week!

Top Engine 2 Recipes: Migas Especiales Ia€™ve never met a Texan who doesna€™t like migas. The word is derived from the Spanish word for a€œcrumbs,a€ and the dish is traditionally made using eggs, cheese, sausage, tortillas and salsa. Part of the Tex-Mex food culture, ita€™s a d

Top Engine 2 Recipes: Loaded Hash Browns Bowl Looking for a super quick and satisfying plant-strong meal in a flash? This meal is Seven-Day Rescue Challenge compliant, comes together extremely quickly and is packed with nutrients. You cana€™t go wrong!

Top Engine 2 Recipes: Plant-Strong Burgers This versatile Engine 2 plant-strong burger formula will give you inspiration and ideas to build delicious burgers for years to come.

Top Engine 2 Recipes: Rip’s Sweet Potato Bowl I love this simple and fast dinner bowl! Filled with all kinds of nutritious and delicious ingredients, it has a great variety of tastes and colors, and is truly satisfying.

Top Engine 2 Recipes: Mighty Muffins These muffins are the brainchild of my friend Bridgeta€™s brother, Michael. An amazing cook and a Buddhist, Michael lives in a monastery outside of Pharping, Nepal, where he serves as a chef for his teacher.

Top Engine 2 Recipes: Lynn’s Meatloaf This is a great a€œmeata€ loaf recipe from one of the Engine 2 Pilot Study participants, Lynn Jocelyn. Lynn brought this to the Engine 2 pot-luck awards banquet and it disappeared before everyone could get a bite.

Top Engine 2 Recipes: Game Day Twice Baked Potato Skins This is another top recipe from over the years - and with good reason! These are perfect for a crowd, whether ita€™s a Super Bowl party, regular football Sunday...

Top Engine 2 Recipes: Raise the Roof Sweet Potato Lasagna This lasagna is SO amazing, your family will literally be raising the roof in celebration! To make this recipe Seven-Day Rescue Challenge compliant, omit the tofu and use more sweet potato, and skip the cashews and top with nutritional yeast.

Top Engine 2 Recipes: Spelt-Blueberry Pancakes This plant-strong breakfast recipe was created by one of the Engine 2 participants, Anthony Salerno, who makes these for his daughter, Ella. He then freezes the leftovers for future quick breakfasts or late-night snacks. This recipe is for a double b

The Impact Of USA’s Withdrawal From The Paris Agreement On Agriculture Donald Trump made headlines around the world when he announced he would start the process of withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement.

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