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Two New Vegan Ben And Jerry's Launched Two new vegan Ben and Jerry's flavours have recently been released in the USA. That means they have 6 options and we have 0. Can we expect them soon?

Can You Eat Too Much Fruit? In my video If Fructose is Bad, What About Fruit?, I explored how adding berries to our meals can actually blunt the detrimental effects of high glycemic f...

Ingredient Spotlight: Piri Piri Sauce, a Hot and Spicy Sauce That Gives Sriracha a Run For Its Money Peri peri sauce is a hot and spicy chili sauce that is prominent in Portugal and many African countries. Let’s learn more about it!

The Science Behind A Perfect Night’s Sleep It’s only when our sleep pattern becomes disrupted that we realise just how important a good night’s sleep is. Getting a consistent amount of sleep every night is a challenge at the best of times, thankfully scientists have been concerned with sl

Are Vaccines Vegan? Is It Ethical To Get Them? Vaccines are vital within todays society. However, some include animal products/ are tested on animals, so are vaccines vegan or not?

I was skeptical... I have to admit, when my mother suggested this idea of no meats, diary, oils, etc. I was highly skeptical. Those are all the things I love bout food! Then we made some of the recipes, starting with suaces like the sweet mustard dressing, ketchup, etc

Plant-Strong Inspiration: Transform Your Health Like Jaime! In our Engine 2 Seven-Day Rescue Challenge Facebook group, one of the biggest questions we hear from our 11,000+ members is one that I’m sure many of you have at least considered from time to time: How do I get my family and friends to join me on m

Bank Of England To Keep £5 Note And Proceed With £10 Note The Bank of England has decided not to withdraw plastic £5 banknotes from circulation, despite protests from vegans, animal rights activists.

Foods Linked to ALS As explored in my video ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease): Fishing for Answers, there may be a link in the consumption of the neurotoxin BMAA, produced by algae b...

Ingredient Spotlight: Chinese Five Spice Powder, a Wonderful Spice Blend That Adds Depth to Dishes Chinese five-spice is one of the most essential spices in Chinese cooking. Let’s learn the best way to use it!

Vegetarians Have 'Poorer Quality Of Life' Study Claims The Tab recently published an article claiming that vegetarians are more likely to have a poor quality of life. I despair.

Real Talk: My Plan on Fighting the Injustice Towards Animals, Humans and the Environment in Today’s Social Climate When I decided to go vegan almost four years ago, I felt confident in my decision because I knew that the impact of my choice was going to be positive. In a search for a lifestyle that could be goo...

Funeral Potatoes Recipe Cheezy potato comfort food casserole is also known as Party Potatoes, popular in both Mormon and Southern communities.

Food & Art & Food again Same breakfast all this week: oats, chia seeds, dried cranberries, goji berries, pepitas, fresh blueberries, almond milk (actually the ...

London Fashion Week Fur Protests In Full Swing London Fashion Week fur protests have been popping up all over London, and people are NOT happy about fur being used in 2017.

Ingredient Spotlight: Za’atar, a Middle Eastern Spice Blend That Adds Flavor to Breads, Dips and Vegetables Za’atar is a staple of Middle Eastern cuisine, but this tangy, savory spice blend deserves a spot on your spice rack.

Go Vegan World To Be The First Vegan Campaign At International Sporting Event The same people that created the first vegan tube station will be advertising at an international sporting event. Go Vegan World are taking big steps.

Your Weekly News Digest In today’s Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: Will fur be used at London Fashion Week?; Why Dale Vince created the worlds first vegan football club; JME to star in a vegan film; Does being vegan on Tinder help you find love?; Why isn’t everyone

15 Minty, Chocolatey Vegan Sweets That Will Make Your Taste Buds Tingle Yes, February 19th is National Chocolate Mint Day, which is recognized by the U.S. National Confectioners Association.

Around the World in 7 Vegan Dumplings Dumplings can be made more than just the traditional way you might be used to – see these delicious 7 ways to do dumplings with ethnic, global flavors!

7 Tips for Cooking Vegetables So That They Taste Delicious There are so many ways to cook veggies and fill them with flavors we love and crave, all without compromising nutrition. Here are some tips for how to cook vegetables so they taste delicious.

Cheezy The snow makin me take a turn for the carb-ier & cozier Union Square Park - we got about 9 inches: the schools were shut d...

Which Milk for What Recipe: A Non-Dairy Milk Guide for All Your Cooking and Baking Needs There are so many non-dairy milks to choose from! But which one is best for what, and how will each one change the taste of your recipes? Here, we’ve got answer, recipes, tips and more!

London Fashion Week - Will Fur Still Be Used? London Fashion Week is currently under way, and there has been a call for them to abandon their use of fur. Is fur welcome in London anymore?

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