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Money Saving Tips for Eating Vegan on a Budget Being on a budget is pretty easy to do if you’re vegan, but there are some extra tips you should be aware of to save the most money possible.

Za’atar Spiced Brown Rice Chickpea Burgers If I had to pick just one legume to subsist on for the rest of my life, it would without a single shred of doubt, be chickpeas. They really are the perfect bean – high in protein and fiber, soft yet starchy in texture and incredibly diverse in natu

Vegan Doughnut Delivery Service Launches NATIONWIDE Yep, you read that right. A vegan doughnut delivery service means you'll be able to have them delivered to your door the very next day.

Handling Shin Splints I often get asked about shin splints, how to avoid them, how to treat them and so on. The most common ailments and most feared curse of all runners are shin splints. Fortunately we can take some preventative measures to avoid them, but if you are unl

Vegan Cruise To Norway Starting September 2017 This September, Cruise & Maritime Voyages will be offering their first vegan cruise to Norway's Fjordlands. Click here for more details!

The Best Way to Wash Fruit and Vegetables How might we reduce our exposure to pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables? What about staying away from imported produce? Well, it turns out domestic...

Is Being Pescatarian Good Enough? Many go pescatarian as an alternative to vegetarian or vegan. However, is being pescatarian good enough? Or should more be done?

Emma Watson Supports Wearing Leather If "No Animals Are Seriously Hurt" Emma Watson mentioned in an interview that wearing leather is ok so long as no animal is hurt. How does that make sense then? Admittedly, the interview took place in 2015 so her opinion could well have changed but for someone as seemingly intelligent

Class #167 - Opiods Causing More Pain Than Surgery Cuisine Types: American, Asian, Caribbean, Dog Food, German, Greek, Indian, Italian, Jewish, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Peruvian, Polish, Puerto Rican, Scottish, Southwestern, Spanish, Swedish, Vietnamese...

The Food Safety Risk of Organic versus Conventional The stated principles of organic agriculture are “health, ecology, fairness, and care,” but if you ask people why they buy organic, the strongest predictor...

5 Microwave-Friendly Vegan Recipes for Any Occasion. Vegan Kitchen Simplified Series. I’m always fascinated by how people find my site through searching for various things online. The other day someone searched for ‘vegan foods in microwave’, and it got me thinking...

7 Unique Ways to Make a Veggie BLT That Beat the Original Let’s get right to it — here are seven different ways to take the classic BLT and make it vegan.

Kingston Students Persuade University To Ban Fur Students in Kingston University's renowned fashion degree course will soon be prohibited from including fur in their collections.

Milk & Noodles Recipe This was my father's easy to make go-to comfort meal. My grandmother put together Milk & Noodles as a quick and easy way to satisfy her four hungry boys.

My Earth Day Message For You Learn what you can do to help stop global warming and save our environment one compassionate act at a time.

How to Make Your Own Fish-Free Worcestershire Sauce at Home Worcestershire sauce. Goodness knows that it’s probably taken each of us a few tries to say and spell that correctly. It’s savory, umami flavor is actually the key to unlocking the best meat-free dishes you’ll ever taste.

Your Weekly News Digest In today’s Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: Are Pret A Manger’s vegan options disapearing?; Kate Hudson clears her acne by living vegan; The vegan forced to vaccinate her children; Vegan animal rights MP seen eating seafood; Why taxing meats c

20 Reasons Why You Need to Use Mushrooms if You’re Cooking Vegan! Hint: They’re Recipes We can never get over our love of mushrooms — from mushroom “steaks” to burgers and stews, we can never get enough. Lucky for us, April 16th is Day of the Mushroom.

Avoid the Brunch Rush With These 5 Vegan Takes on Eggs Benedict While everyone else is waiting in line at your favorite greasy diner for goodness-knows-how-long, you’ll already be digging into one of these homemade vegan eggs Benedict that would make even the most seasoned brunch-goer drool with envy.

5 Easy Vegan Meal Ideas for Lazy Cooks Get off that couch and make yourself some dinner! With these five meal ideas you sure won’t be in the kitchen for long, and you’ll satisfy your hungry belly with nutrients and finger-licking, vegan goodness!

Garlic and Herb Air-Fryer Roasted Chickpeas A few years ago (three, to be exact), my friends surprised me with the most beautiful birthday dinner complete with fairy lights, a soundtrack evocative of Gilmore Girls (one of my all-time favourite TV shows) and of course a fully vegan home cooked

20 Beautiful Dishes For Your Easter Dinner For such a special occasion, we want to cover the dinner table with impressive dishes that are just as special, so here are 20 beautiful dishes for your special Easter dinner.

How to Make Eggless Omelets, Frittatas, Quiches, and Crepes There are plenty of reasons to kick eggs to the curb. If you have been thinking that giving up eggs would mean the end of so many of your favorite dishes, you can rest assured it isn’t so. With these recipes, you can make all your favorite egg dish

How Curry Leaf Will Change the Way You Cook Indian Food Forever Curry leaves are to South Indian cuisine what bay leaves are to American cooking — and you need to get some of that in your life now.

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